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Urgent Notice: COVID-19

The current Covid-19 pandemic has necessitated a dramatic change in the way in which we interact with our patients. It is absolutely vital that we all make every possible effort to prevent the transmission of infection between individuals. Hospital wards and doctor’s consulting rooms are places where people are placed in close proximity to each other, thereby increasing transmission risk.

Our practice will continue to function. In order to reduce the risk as far as possible, we are requesting that patients do not attend for consultation unless absolutely necessary. Patient care will be managed remotely as far as possible, with face to face consultations being reserved for specific situations that necessitate the attendant risks.

  • We encourage telephonic consultations. There is, of course, a fee for telephonic consultation, but this is lower than fees charged for examinations in the rooms.
  • Photographic material can be forwarded by email to clinical@surgeons.co.za for attention of the specific partner concerned. This will make it possible for many visits to be avoided altogether. Please do not use this for urgent problems as it will usually take up to 48hrs to respond and longer over weekends.
  • For urgent matters phone the partner on call on 082 222 1666, do not send an email.
  • Non-clinical queries should continue to go to surgeons@surgcare.co.za
  • We encourage Discovery members to register for Doctor Connect which will facilitate virtual consultations with us. Visit www.discovery.co.za

We realise that this mechanism is not ideal, but also recognise that extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary solutions. All of us need to be cognisant of the real danger that this pandemic poses to the vulnerable and elderly, and measures such as this will hopefully protect these individuals as far as possible.

We will continue to provide a full 24 hour service for emergencies, but may request that you attend a specific hospital for services required.

SA Coronavirus Resource Portal
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