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The largest surgical practice in South Africa

Dr Matley & Partners is a full partnership of thirteen specialist surgeons covering the entire spectrum of general, vascular and specialist GI surgery.

We are able to provide a full range of surgical services, endeavouring to improve past standards, blending senior experience and younger enthusiasm and ensuring that new skills are introduced to the group.

We have consulting rooms at four locations and we operate at the three largest hospitals in the Southern suburbs of Cape Town. We pride ourselves on our commitment to the highest of ethical surgical practice.

Dr Philip Matley
Dr Philip MatleyMBChB MMED(SURG) FCS(SA)
Specialist vascular surgeon
Prof Robert Baigrie
Prof Robert BaigrieBSc MBChB MD FRCS (Eng)
Specialist GIT surgeon
Dr Ravi Oodit
Dr Ravi OoditMBChB FCS (SA)
General Surgeon
Dr James Tunnicliffe
Dr James TunnicliffeMBChB FCS(SA)
Specialist Vascular Surgeon
Dr Aaron Ndhluni
Dr Aaron NdhluniMBChB FCS(SA)
General Surgeon
Dr Martin Forlee
Dr Martin ForleeMBChB FCS(SA) Cert Vasc Surg(SA)
Specialist General & Vascular Surgeon
Dr Danie Theunissen
Dr Danie TheunissenMBChB MMed(Surg) FCS(SA)
General Surgeon
Dr Ian Lorimer
Dr Ian LorimerMBChB FCS(SA)
General Surgeon
Dr Mark Hewat
Dr Mark HewatMBChB(UCT) FCS(SA) Cert Surg Gastroenterology(SA)
Specialist GIT Surgeon
Dr Bernie Maree
Dr Bernie MareeMBChB FCS
General Surgeon
Dr Bhavesh Natha
Dr Bhavesh NathaMBChB (UCT) FCS (SA) Cert Vascular Surgery (SA)
General & Vascular Surgeon
Dr Mark Hampton
Dr Mark HamptonMBChB(Stell) FCS(SA) MMed(UCT) FRCS(Ed.)
General Surgeon
Dr Ebrahim Dalwai
Dr Ebrahim DalwaiMBChB(UCT) FCS(SA) MMed(UCT) Cert. Surg. Gastroenterology (SA)
General & Colorectal Surgeon
Dr Anna Coccia
Dr Anna CocciaMBChB FCS(SA)
General Surgeon